How Our Play-Based Preschool Began

What began as just a hard time finding an age-appropriate, fun, clean, and relaxing place to bring my son to (then only 2 years old) and also for me as a mom to hang out with my friends became my dream come true! As a wife and a mommy of two boys, I am truly thankful for all three of my boys and all they have inspired me to be as a wife, a mother, a friend, and now as a business owner.

Peanut’s Playhouse was established in 2011 and welcomed families from Saint Cloud and surrounding areas to experience all the love and dedication that was overflowed into this amazing boutique, play lounge, and birthday party venue. Nominated and awarded for the Best Renovated Building in downtown Saint Cloud, Peanut’s Playhouse is a unique and creative play space and a favorite among so many loving families!

I knew when I became a mother, being with my children was my number one priority. At the same time, I knew I wanted to do something that involved children and meeting new people, but it was very important to me that my boys came along with me. My hard work, determination, creativity, and passion for doing what I love and being with those I love shines through when you come to visit my dream come true!

As a certified elementary teacher, education, and learning were definitely a big part of the thought and design behind the play lounge and anyone who knows me can clearly tell you that teaching is what I love to do (besides being a mommy of course). Playing is such an important piece of positive childhood development for children as they grow and learn.

In August 2014, Little Peanut Academy preschool was born. After searching around town for a preschool and not being satisfied with what was available, I decided to chase my dreams even further and add a high quality preschool for my son and all the children in our community. Opening the preschool has been the absolute best decision and most satisfying and rewarding "job" I've ever done. In 2020, we merged the play lounge and the preschool as one. We are always welcoming new little peanuts to love and educate. We would love to have you join our peanut family at Little Peanut Academy preschool where we believe "What We Learn Becomes Who We Are!" I look forward to meeting you and your little peanut and leaving a lasting impression on your family.